Federica Rossi was born in Parma in 1972. After finishing senior high school at the Parma Art Lyceum she went to the Academy of Communications in Milan. An important creative impulse led her to begin experimenting with different expressive means which were originally used in the field of communications and advertising as Ms Rossi worked for years as Art Director in various advertising agencies until, in 2007, she founded her own agency which is still operative today.

Following this experience a love of art itself became of significance in Ms Rossi’s life choices leading her to dedicate herself completely to art, thus transforming her passion into a profession. Ms Rossi further decided to amplify her vision of art from a different perspective by doing a Master in Art Therapy and devoting her time to performance seminars and artistic-expressive laboratories. The first decisive turning point on Federica Rossi’s road to determining her artistic identity happened in 2004. The impulse of her creative language transformed into the total material experimentation of her way of being.
Through lacerations, splits and folded burns a vital material vibrant with energy was created. A few years later, between 2010 and 2012, the birth of her two children was to underline a fundamental change in Ms Rossi’s life, a sort of second re-birth which would allow her to look at the world through the pure, uncontaminated gaze of her children and arrive at the original and essential nucleus of things where everything was in an unbelievable state of flux, still inchoate.
federica rossi


In this way her highly personal expressive mode was primed and, even she has been brought to a gesture which is not only formal but also “shamanic” as Professor Phillippe Daverio has explained in terms of her gesture which knows how to perceive “the origins of the created world” and which “physically passes from primordial magma to the original genesis of life”. Through this passage between material experimentation and unconditional love, Federica Rossi has realized herself, and given voice to the woman, the artist and the mother which she embodies. Since the beginning Ms Rossi has had the good fortune to collaborate with important exponents of the artistic world, thanks to whom in 2006 she began to take part in collective and personal exhibitions, first at local and national level and very soon at international level. In fact an intense activity of exhibiting began in 2009 with personal shows in London, Miami, Ankara, Copenhagen, Brussels and Vienna in galleries, Museums
and Italian Cultural Institutes. Ms Rossi has also exhibited in collectives in Sweden, Miami, New Jersey, Texas, Chicago, Boston and Dubai. At the present time her works are housed in both private and public collections.
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